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Modern Plan Of The City And Environs Of Dublin 1798 MAPCO

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Reilly's Bridge, Royal Canal, Lock VIII, Coat of Arms, & Map Title - To Her Excellency Frances Countess Camden, &c. Royal Canal, Lock VII, North Division, & Map Title Road To Finglas, Road To Glassnevin, Overfal, Compass Rose, Westmoreland Bridge, Royal Canal, Lock VI, Lock V, Lock IV, Lock III, Cross Guns, Cowley Place, North Division, Circular Road, Blaquiere Bridge, Phibsborough, Royal Circus, Elizabeth Street, & Florinda Place Compass Rose, Drumcondra, Ballybough River, Patrick's Lane, Royal Canal, Lock III, Binns Bridge, Lock II, North Division, Circular Road, Synnot Place, Sherrard Street, Belvedere Place, & Clarke Bridge Richmond, Ballybough Bridge, Ballybough River, Philipsburgh Lane, Fair View, Marino, Patrick's Lane, Annesley Bridge, Sea (Covered At High Water), Clarke Bridge, Royal Canal, & Newcomen Bridge Marino, Road To Malahide, Crescent, Road To Raheny, Road To Clontarf, Charter School, Sea (Covered At High Water), & Ballybough River At Low Water
Map Title, Road From Navan, Black Horse Lane, Phenix Park (Phoenix Park), Circular Road, Road From Castlenock, & Royal Infirmary Map Title, Road From Rataoth, Cabragh Lane, Circular Road, Female Orphan House, Black Horse Lane, Prussia Street, Aughrim Street, Garden Lane, Manor Street, Chicken Lane, Stonybatter, Brunswick Street, King Street, Arbour Hill, Oxmantown Green, Royal Infirmary, Montpeller Hill, Horse Square, Royal Square, New Square, Blue Coat Hospital, & Blackall Street Circular Road, Phibsborough, Monk Place, Glassmanogue, Royal Canal, Royal Circus, Whites Lane, Eccles Street, Eccles Lane, Blessington Street, Margarot Place, Paradise Row, Upper Dorset Street, Bradogue River, New House Of Industry, Broad Stone, Aqueduct, Constitution Hill, Dorset Street, Bethesda Chapel, Henrietta Street, Stable Lane, Henrietta Lane, Bolton Street, Stable Lane, Dominick Street, Turnagain Lane, Cherry Lane, Stanley Street, Stanhope Street, Grange Gorman Lane, Nunnery, Old House Of Industry, Brunswick Street, Upper Church Street, Georges Lane, King Street, Red Cow Lane, St Pauls Church, Pauls Walk, Blackall Street, Queens Street, Smithfield, Brown Street, Duck Lane, Carters Lane, Bow Lane, Bow Street, Stirrup Lane, Bedford Lane, May Lane, St Michaels Church, Old Church Street, Derry Street, Coleraine Street, Linen Hall, Lisburn Street, Linenhall Street, Lurgan Street, Beresford Street, Anne Street, Balls Lane, Cuckow Lane, Georges Hill, Marys Lane, Greek Street, Bull Lane, Fishers Lane, Little Mary Street, Green Street, New Gaol, Little Britain Street, Halton Street, Petticoat Lane, Boot Lane, Stable Lane, PMH, Capel Street, Marys Abbey, Cross Lane, Loftus Lane, Britain Lane, Ryders Lane, Great Britain Street, Stable Lane, Stafford Street, Jervis Street, Mary Street, & Abbey Street Upper Dorset Street, Gardiner Street, Sherrard Street, Belvedere Place, Fitz Gibbon Street, Circular Road, Carolin Row, Nunnery, Frederick Street, Stable Lane, Charlemont House, Palace Row, Rutland Square, Stable Lane, Granby Place, Granby Row, Lying In Hospital, Cavendish Row, Gardiners Row, Denmark Street, Gardiners Place, Mountjoy Square, Great Charles Street, Stable Lane, Great George Street, Temple Street, Grenville Street, Mountjoy Place, Rutland Street, Great Britain Street, Summer Hill, Cumberland Street, Gloucester Street, Gardiners Street, Belle Street, Buckingham Street, Nugent Lane, Aldborough House (Aldboro House), Amiens Street, Gloucester Place (Gloster Place), Mecklenburgh Street, Dominick Street, Great Britain Street, Denmark Street, Market, Coles Lane, Simpsons Lane, Henry Street, Moore Street, Off Lane, Moore Lane, Sackville Street, Gregs Lane, St Thomas, Stable Lane, Marlborough Street, Elephant Lane, Earl Street, Stable Lane, Tuckers Row, Tyrone House, Cope Street, Marlborough Green (Marlboro Green), Blenham Street, Abbey Street, Gardiner Street, Mabbot Street, Montgomery Street, Moland Street, Liffey Street, Lower Liffey Street, Princes Street, The Lots, Batchelors Walk, Lower Abbey Street, Union Street, Dry Dock, Beresford Place, Custom House, Dock, River Anna Liffey, Carlisle Bridge, Astons Quay, Hawkin Street, Georges Quay, Poolbeg Street, Georges Street, Luke Street, Moss Street, City Quay, Gloster Street, & Princes Street Newcomen Bridge, Royal Canal, Aldboro House (Aldborough House), Amiens Street, The Strand, Sheriff Street, Mayor Street, Commons Street, Guild Street, Wapping Street, North Wall, River Anna Liffey, City Quay, Gloster Street, Sir John Rogersons Quay, Lombard Street, Ordinance Street, Windmill Lane, Kings Stores, Marine School, Great Clarence Street, & Forbes Street Sheriff Street, Mayor Street, Fish Street, North Wall, East Wall, Baths, Wharf, Clontarf Island, River Anna Liffey, Sir John Rogersons Quay, Benson Street, River Dodder, & South Wall
Phenix Park (Phoenix Park), Road From Chapclizod, Salute Battery, Conyngham Road, River Anna Liffey, Sarah Bridge, Island Bridge, St John's Well, Burial Ground, Royal Hospital, Kilmainham New Gaol, Gaolers House, Inchicore Road, Road From Naas, Old Gaol, Kilmainham, Kilmainham Lane, Circular Road, & Grand Canal Montpeller Hill, Temple Street, Horse Square, Barracks, Royal Square, Phenix Park (Phoenix Park), Gate, Park Gate Street, Long Meadows, Barrack Street, Flood Street, Liffey Street, Sand Quay, Sliver Street, River Anna Liffey, Barrack Bridge, Slip, Stevens Lane, Stevens Hospital, Mill Race, Galway Walk, Cooks Lane, Watling Street, Ushers Island, Island Street, Bonham Street, Four Court Marshalsea, Mass Lane, Bow Bridger, Bow Lane, St Patricks Hospital, Mt Brown, James's Street, Workhouse, Bason Lane (Basin Lane), City Bason (City Basin), Fountain, St James's Church, Soldiers Hospital, Echlin Lane, Canal Place, Canal Harbour, Portland Street, Market House, Robert Street, Ransford Street, Cherrytree Lane, James's Gate, Thomas Street, Crane Lane, Belview Lane, Taylors Lane, Cryllis Yard, Grand Canal, City Water Course, Marrow Bone Lane, Tenter Fields, Cork Street, Dolphins Barn Lane, & Love Lane Hendrick Street, John Street, Tighe Street, Ellis's Quay, Queen Street, Hay Market, Bridewell Lane, West Arran Street, Smithfield, North Church Street, Phenix Street (Phoenix Street), Stable Lane, Arran Quay, Lincolns Lane, Bow Lane, St Michaels Church, Hammond Lane, Old Church Street, Greek Street, Bull Lane, Fishers Lane, Pill Lane, New 4 Courts & Public Offices, Moro'n Place, Kings Inn Quay, Monmath Street, Charles Street, Ormond Mews, Arran Street, Upper Ormond Quay, Marys Abbey, Capel Street, Great Strand Street, Lower Ormond Quay, River Anna Liffey, Queens Bridge, Old Bridge, Ormond Bridge, Essex Bridge, Ushers Island, Island Street, Bonham Street, Four Court Marshalsea, Mass Lane, Mash Lane, Thomas Street, Bridge Foot Street, Bridge Foot, Ushers Quay, Ushers Lane, Usher Street, Dog & Duck Yard, Ushers Court, Allen Court, Wormwood Gate, Mullinahack, John Street, New Row, Market House, Bridge Street, Merchants Quay, Church, Swan Alley, Skippers Lane, Chapel Yard, Rosemary Lane, Winetavern Street, Upper Bridge Street, Cutpairse Row (or Curpurse Row), Corn Market, Kelzars Lane (or Keizars Lane), Audeons Arch (St Audoen's Arch), Audeons Church (St Audoen's Church), Schoolhouse Lane, Barrs Lane, Michael Lane, Cock Hill, High Street, Macullas  Alley, Angel Alley, Back Lane, City Market, Nicholas Street, Christ Church Lane, Johns Lane, Skinner Row, Tholsel, St Nicholas Church, Kennedys Lane, Ross Lane, Werburgh Street, Fishamble Street, Music Hall, Wood Quay, Essex Quay, Lower Exchange Street, Smock Alley, Patten Alley (Patten's Lane), Copper Alley, Exchange Street, Parliament Street, Pembroke Court, Castle Street, Coles Alley, Hoeys Court, Little Ship Street, Great Ship Street, Corkhill, Exchange, Exchange Court, Old Custom House, Crane Lane, Essex Street, Crampton Court, Castle, Garden, Thomas Court, St Catherines Church, Hanbury Lane, Meath Market, Cryllis Yard, Earl Street, Meath Row, Meath Street, Molineux Yard, Vicar Street, Engine Alley, Swifts Alley, Cork Lane, Tripoli, Jacksons Alley, Cole Alley, Meath Hospital, Tenter Fields, Summer Street, Braithwaite Street, Pool Street, John Street, Pimlico, Great Elbow Lane, Little Elbow Lane, Croslick Alley, Garden Lane, Flag Alley, Carman Hall, Ash Street, Park Street, Hanover Street, Marks Alley, Francis Street, Plunket Street, Nicholas Hospital (St Nicholas's Hospital), Hanover Lane, Limerick Alley, Patrick Street, Brides Alley, Bull Alley, Goodmans Alley, Close Alley, St Patricks Cathedral, Mitre Alley, St Bridgets Church, Bride Street, Chancery Lane, Golden Lane, Maiden Lane, Wood Street, White Friar Street, Peter Street, F C, Library, Palace, Kevin Street, Bishop Street, Upper Kevin Street, Cork Street, Cork Bridge, Ormond Street, Weavers Square, Chambre Street, Upper Coombe, Byrnes Hill, Ardee Street, Aitkinson Alley, Mutton Lane, Brabazon Row, Brabazon Street, Hunts Alley, Fordam Alley, Skinners Alley, New Market, Mill Lane, Mill Street, Warren Mount, Wards Hill, Lower Coombe, St Lukes Church, Poddle, New Row, Black Pitts, Fumbailies Lane, Malpas Street, New Street, Kevin Street, Cathedral Lane, Cabbage Garden, & Long Lane Jervis Street, Swifts Row, Great Strand Street, Lower Liffey Street, Batchelors Walk, Lower Ormond Quay, River Anna Liffey, Old Custom House, Essex Street, Crampton Street, Sycamore Alley, Eustace Street, Temple Lane, Dame Street, Cecilia Street, Crow Street, Fownes Street, Temple Bar, Crown Alley, Cope Street, Anglesea Street, Crampton Quay, Astons Quay, Fleet Street, Parliament Street, Parliament House, College Green, College Street, Trinity College, Hawkin Street, Georges Street, Luke Street, Moss Street, Princes Street, Townsend Street, Park Place, Mark Street, Moss Lane, Provost House and Garden, College Park, Vice Provosts Garden, Palace Street, Garden, Great Georges Street, Dame Street, Mc????? Pl, Trinity Street, St Andrews Lane, Andrews Street, Church Lane, Suffolk Street, Post Office, St Andrews Church, Exchequer Street, Eade Street, Castle Market, Drury Lane, William Street, Copingers Lane, Clarendon Street, Johnsons Court, Pitt Street, Grafton Street, Stephen Street, Great Longford Street, Longford Street, White Friar Street, Aungier Srteet, Digges Lane, Little Longford Street, Bow Lane, Mercer Street, Clarendon Market, Chatham Street, King Street, Glovers Alley, Nassau Street, Leinster Street, Park Street, Harcourt Place, Clare Street, Duke Street, Duke Lane, Gunthan Lane, Anne Street, Dawson Street, Molesworth Street, Frederick Street, Stable Lane, Annes Church, Mayorauit House (Mansion House), Kildare Street, Leinster House, Kildare Place, Stable Lane, Upper Merrion Street, Merion Square, Lacys Lane, White Friar Street, Peters Row, Bishop Street, Upper Kevin Street, St Kevins Church, Long Lane, St Peters Church, York Street, Stable Lane, French Street, Digges Street, Redmond Hill, Cheaters Alley, Stable Lane, Cuffe Street, Kevins Port, Montague Street, Camden Street, Harcourt Street, St Stephens Green, Equestrian Statue Of King George IInd, St Stephens Green West, St Stephens Green North, St Stephens Green East, St Stephens Green South, Merion Row, Baggot Street, Hume Street, Ely Place, Leeson Street, Pembroke Street, & Fitzwilliam Square Lombard Street, Townsend Street, Moss Lane, Vice Provosts Garden, Westland Row, Cumberland Street, Boyne Street, Sandwich Street, Hanover Street, Hanover Quay, Great Brunswick Street, Erne Street, Great Clarence Street, Grand Canal Quay, Charles Street, Grand Canal Docks, Great Boyne Street, Barrow Street, Shannon Street, Forbes Street, Charlotte Quay, Harcourt Place, Hamilton Row, Denzile Street, Wentworth Place, Lower Merrion Street, Stable Lane, Holles Street, Grants Row, Grattan Street, Merion Square, Merion Square North, Merion Square South, Merion Square East, Lower Mount Street, Upper Mount Street, Warrington Place, Grand Canal Street, Maquay Bridge, Lock I, Conyngham Bridge, Lock II, Huband Bridge, Lock III, Fitzwilliam Street, Baggot Street, Fitzwilliam Square, Vaux Street, Macartney Bridge, Eastmoreland Place, & Dublin City Coat Of Arms Benson Street, Hanover Quay, Grand Canal Docks, Sea Locks, Graving Docks, Ringsend, Saltworks, South Wall, Charlotte Quay, Brunswick Street, Ringsend Bridge, Shannon Street, Great Boyne Street, Great Britain Quay, Glass House, Old Course Of Rover Dodder, River Dodder, Distillery, Beggars Bush, Watery Lane, & Dublin City Coat Of Arms
Grand Canal, Harcourt Lock, Griffith Bridge, & New Custom House Old Circular Road, City Water Course, Commons, Dolphins Barn Lane, Dolphins Barn, Chapel, South Division, Love Lane, Brown Street, Grand Canal, Harberton Bridge, Camac Bridge, Camac Place, New Circular Road, Road From Cromlin, Quarry, New Custom House, & Map Scale Brown Street, South Division, Warren Mount, Black Pitts, Bonds Lane, Tuckers Row, Dowkers Lane, New Street, Williams Lane, Ropers Rest, Old Circular Road, Parnell Bridge, Grand Canal, Clanbrassill Bridge, New Circular Road, Map Scale, Mill, & Road From Harolds Cross Camden Street, Porto Bello, Charlotte Street, Harcourt Street, Hatch Street, Old Circular Road, Leeson Street, Fitzwilliam Street, Charlemont Street, Gordons Lane, Porto Bello, Turf Yard, Grand Canal, Eustace Bridge, Lock V, Charlemont Bridge, Lock VI, Latouche Bridge, Lock VII, New Circular Road, Rathmines Road, Cullenswood Road, Mt Pleasant, Nunnery, Ranelagh, Westmoreland Row, & Road To Milltown Fitzwilliam Street, Vaux Street, Grand Canal, Macartney Bridge, Lock IV, Eustace Bridge, Lock V, Portland Street, Paragon, Fitz Gibbon Place, The Terrace, Westmoreland Row, Hospital For Incurables, Road To Donnybrook, & Map Explanation Map Explanation, Millrace, River Dodder, Balls Bridge, & Road To Blackrock

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